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I'm in my 40's, married to my best friend and we have 2 girls (19 & 11). I love all kinds of needlework, especially cross stitch, specifically samplers and French & Italian designs.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Some recent finishes...

Here are a few of my recent finishes.  I am the world's worst photographer/scanner, because the pictures really do not do the finishes any justice, lol!
"Octogonal Quaker" by A Mon Ami Pierre on 25ct Lugana from Enchanted Fabrics using 1 strand Gloriana's Fall Foliage over 1 fabric thread:

The Needle's Content "Spring Flowers" on 35 ct linen w/ Crescent Colours cotton overdyed floss.

Freebie Coeur (heart)from Reflets de Soie on 32 ct linen with Waterlilies Bermuda Reef.
I added the wording myself, it means "My Sister's Heart."It's supposed to anyway, lol.

 "Ying Yang" by Anagram Diffusion on 32 ct linen w/ 1 strand Silk N Colors Toasted Marshmallow (from The Thread Gatherer) over 2 fabric threads.

This is La D Da's "Quaker Alphabet" done on 25ct lugana over one fabric thread. I used Gloriana silk floss in Desert Sage and Thread Gatherer Silk N Colors in Cinnamon Stick.

 I obviously need to frame these or finish them somehow. I have a bunsh of finishes just hanging in my "finish" closet, lol.  My goal for the next few months is to learn to finish pieces into quilted wall-hangings, needlerolls, cubes, fobs, etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My first completed cross stitch

I've only been stitching about 4 years (although I learned from my mom at a very young age, I didn't pick it up until 4 years ago...all that time I wasted, lol).  Here is a pic of my very first completed and framed piece:  Can you tell I framed it?  It's a little crooked, lol.

If I remember correctly, the designer is Sandy Phipps.  All I knew was Hobby Lobby back then, lol.
I thought it turned out very nicely :o)  Don't look at the back, though!
So in just 4 short years I have accumulated more stash than I can stitch in several lifetimes!  My DH just doesn't get it, lol.  He collects guitars, which is much more expensive, right????
Actually he is glad that I stitch.  Stitching calms me and centers me and it really helped me overcome an extremely difficult time in my life.  Long live stitching!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Progress on "Seasons In Time"

Here is my progress so far on "Seasons in Time," by Elizabeth's Designs.  I'm on the last band, and them I just have to add the words and frame (or maybe a bellpull).  This is a Christmas present for my Mother-in-Law, who has had kind of a rough year.

I substituted Gloriana silks for the called for Weeks Dye Works floss...the conversion is my own and I think it looks great :o)
It is on 28ct over 2, Silkweaver hand-dyed fabric.  Hazlenut, I think, lol.
This has really been a fun stitch.  I'm sure I'll be doing more of Elizabeth's Designs.  Her colors are beautiful and she uses specialty stitches, which I love.

I keep changing my mind on what to stitch my girls (11 and 19) for Christmas. I thought I had it all planned out, but I keep seeing and thinking about different designs, lol.

I want to stitch it all!!!  If only I had 10 hands and 50 more years to my life. Sigh...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Online Needlework Show

The Online Needlework Show is this week!  I love browing through all of the designers offerings, and entering the various contests.  It's a lot of fun :o)
Plus, I find a lot of new designs this way (not that I need any more stash...lol).

I will try and post a pic of my progress on my Mother-In-Law's Christmas gist tomorrow ("Seasons in Time," by Elizabeth's Designs).  It is coming along very nicely and I'm really enjoying stitching it :o)

TaTa for now...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Monday...

Another Monday is upon us :o)

I love Mondays as I get my house back to myself and it is quiet!  Don't get me wrong, I adore my family, it's just easier to think and get things accomplished when I have the place to myself.
Plus, I can start stitching their presents without them looking over my shoulder :o)

I had my 2 girls pick out their favorite overdyed silk (I will be doing monochromes with some personalization for both of them).

I haven't decided on DD #1's pattern yet. She's 19, in college, loves cats, and is a total sweetheart.
I might stitch "Arabesque Coeur," by Michele Bousquet for her.  I will add her name or initials somewhere.  I love this design!

DD #2, who is 9, loves angels and cats.  I am doing a really pretty angel in a star for her.  I will post pics once I get started.  I just got the lettering of her name charted.  I think it's going to be really cute.
I hope to finish it as either a quilt wall-hanging or a no-sew cube.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holiday Stitching Plans, Part 1

Well, I got my haircut yesterday and I really like it!  So Yay!

I am now staring to decide which people I want to give stitched gifts to this year.

First on my list is my Mother-In-Law, whom I adore.  She is a wonderful Christian woman who has had kind of a tough year.  She loves nature and gardening and is very acitve in her church.
For her I am going to stitch Elizabeth's Designs, "Seasons In Time."  I love ED's use of color and specialty stitches in her pieces.  She has a series of cottages that I am crazy about :o)

The photo doesn't do the colors any justice.  The reds are deep, the oranges are vibrant.  It is just a really lovely design.  I have converted the called for floss (which was Weeks Dye Works) to Gloriana Silk Floss, which is my favorite silk right now.  For fabric, I am going with Silkweaver's Hazlenut in a 28 count Lugana.
Next, I am going to decide what to stitch for my 2 daughters and my mom :o)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Out with the old...

I am getting a much-needed haircut and highlights today.  My hair has gotten pretty long, and I've gotten to where I can't stand it on my neck, I put it up all the time!
So I'm going SHORT!!  Plus my gray strands are peeking out from under my last highlights, so I must re-cover those, lol.

I recently had a birthday (Sept. 20) and with my birthday money I, of course, bought more stash :o)

I ordered 20 new skeins of Threadworx (overdyed cotton) from Anita's Little Stitches ( Anita's Little Stitches ) They should arrive today or tomorrow.  Anita has been wonderful to work with!  Very nice and very communicative.  Which I appreciate :o)
She also has a wonderful blog...  Anita's Little Stitches Blog  .

Another favorite online shop (ONS) is Wastach Needelcraft (Wasatch Needlecraft).
Karen is just fabulous, and her ONS is growing everyday.

And, of course, I love 123 Stitch/ !  Extremely speedy service from Joanne and a huge selection of charts and fabrics.  I just wish she had more silk floss.  She carries Belle Soie silks, which are great, but I really wish she could get Gloriana and The Thread Gatherer.

Back to my new stash aquisition...
I ordered some charts from Wasatch:  Quaker Diamonds, by Rosewood Manor.  This is a beautiful brand new design.  It looks more like a Vierlanden than a Quaker, but I love both styles so all's well :o)

I also ordered a couple of fairy designs from Who Knew (not my thing, but I will stitch them for my girls, eventually, lol).

Since I vowed to learn new finishing techniques, I order GPA's Everlasting Love Italian Purse.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!  It is supposed to have complete finishing instructions... I hope so.  But, I am determined to make this purse, shich holds stitchy stuff (scissors, floss, needles, etc.).

Hopefully, my new goodies will arrive soon :o)

That's it for now...Time to get a haircut :o)