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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Out with the old...

I am getting a much-needed haircut and highlights today.  My hair has gotten pretty long, and I've gotten to where I can't stand it on my neck, I put it up all the time!
So I'm going SHORT!!  Plus my gray strands are peeking out from under my last highlights, so I must re-cover those, lol.

I recently had a birthday (Sept. 20) and with my birthday money I, of course, bought more stash :o)

I ordered 20 new skeins of Threadworx (overdyed cotton) from Anita's Little Stitches ( Anita's Little Stitches ) They should arrive today or tomorrow.  Anita has been wonderful to work with!  Very nice and very communicative.  Which I appreciate :o)
She also has a wonderful blog...  Anita's Little Stitches Blog  .

Another favorite online shop (ONS) is Wastach Needelcraft (Wasatch Needlecraft).
Karen is just fabulous, and her ONS is growing everyday.

And, of course, I love 123 Stitch/ !  Extremely speedy service from Joanne and a huge selection of charts and fabrics.  I just wish she had more silk floss.  She carries Belle Soie silks, which are great, but I really wish she could get Gloriana and The Thread Gatherer.

Back to my new stash aquisition...
I ordered some charts from Wasatch:  Quaker Diamonds, by Rosewood Manor.  This is a beautiful brand new design.  It looks more like a Vierlanden than a Quaker, but I love both styles so all's well :o)

I also ordered a couple of fairy designs from Who Knew (not my thing, but I will stitch them for my girls, eventually, lol).

Since I vowed to learn new finishing techniques, I order GPA's Everlasting Love Italian Purse.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!  It is supposed to have complete finishing instructions... I hope so.  But, I am determined to make this purse, shich holds stitchy stuff (scissors, floss, needles, etc.).

Hopefully, my new goodies will arrive soon :o)

That's it for now...Time to get a haircut :o)


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